The Media-Alliance product line exploits the full potential of MediaXplorer as the central system steering all television production and media management tasks for News; Sports; Program Production and Archiving departments. 

Media-Alliance, solutions span all of the Workflow Management requirements of modern tapeless systems, starting with an Enterprise-class Ingest System for recorded content in any Tape, Disk, and Cartridge format or from Live Feeds. File-Based content can also be captured and uploaded in the Ingest System. 

Thereafter MediaXplorer offers a solution for all of the Content Creation and Content Management processes including Scheduling; QC, Program Editing; Promo Production; Standards and Practices Compliance; Censorship; Storage Management; Browsing; Archiving and Transcoding ready for Linear Playout or file based delivery to IPTV, Web and Mobile platforms. 

Media-Alliance also offers a Newsroom Computer system for Journalists and integrated News Production and Playout with Legal Compliance Recording - a truly end-to-end capability from a single highly experienced and supportive deployment team.

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