TechKnow Hybrid Platform

TechKnow Hybrid Platform

Available Services

* QC and Compliance

At TechKnow, the content is processed in accordance with industry standards and regulatory compliance to ensure quality presentation and compliance. Various file formats are transcoded for multi-platform distribution and delivery.

Subtitling and Translation

TechKnow uses a fully AI based system that, can deliver multiple language translation for maximum customer experience and reach. A cost-effective solution that reduces turnaround time significantly. 

Metadata Profiling

Metadata of content assets are created at TechKnow, to enrich search capabilities and customer experience. 

Content Security

TechKnow is operated on a secured delivery platform, ensuring protection against copyright infringement and piracy. 

Content Digitization

TechKnow has the solution for an automated workflow in digitisation of media assets for archiving and distribution.

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